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Static members





class VideoPlayer
VideoPlayer VideoPlayer()
const UInt16 audioTrackCount
const bool canSetDirectAudioVolume
const bool canSetPlaybackSpeed
const bool canSetSkipOnDrop
const bool canSetTime
const bool canSetTimeSource
const bool canStep
VideoClip clip
const double clockTime
UInt16 controlledAudioTrackCount
bool enabled
double externalReferenceTime
Int64 frame
const UInt64 frameCount
const float frameRate
const GameObject gameObject
const UInt32 height
const bool isActiveAndEnabled
bool isLooping
const bool isPaused
const bool isPlaying
const bool isPrepared
const double length
string name
const UInt32 pixelAspectRatioDenominator
const UInt32 pixelAspectRatioNumerator
float playbackSpeed
bool playOnAwake
VideoRenderMode renderMode
bool sendFrameReadyEvents
bool skipOnDrop
string tag
Camera targetCamera
float targetCameraAlpha
string targetMaterialProperty
Renderer targetMaterialRenderer
const Texture targetTexture
const Texture texture
double time
const Transform transform
bool waitForFirstFrame
const UInt32 width
bool CompareTag(string tag)
void EnableAudioTrack(UInt16 trackIndex, bool enabled)
UInt16 GetAudioChannelCount(UInt16 trackIndex)
string GetAudioLanguageCode(UInt16 trackIndex)
UInt32 GetAudioSampleRate(UInt16 trackIndex)
bool GetDirectAudioMute(UInt16 trackIndex)
float GetDirectAudioVolume(UInt16 trackIndex)
int GetHashCode()
AudioSource GetTargetAudioSource(UInt16 trackIndex)
bool IsAudioTrackEnabled(UInt16 trackIndex)
void Pause()
void Play()
void Prepare()
void SetDirectAudioMute(UInt16 trackIndex, bool mute)
void SetDirectAudioVolume(UInt16 trackIndex, float volume)
void SetModContentFileURL(string localPath)

Sets the VideoPlayer url to a file in the mod content folder. This is the same as setting the VideoPlayer url to a local file path via the default Unity API. For example, will load the file next to your mutator rfc file.

void SetTargetAudioSource(UInt16 trackIndex, AudioSource source)
void StepForward()
void Stop()
string ToString()
static const UInt16 controlledAudioTrackMaxCount