More information can be found in the Unity API Reference and maybe in the Unity Manual.


class ScrollRect
RectTransform content
float decelerationRate
float elasticity
const float flexibleHeight
const float flexibleWidth
const GameObject gameObject
bool horizontal
float horizontalNormalizedPosition
float horizontalScrollbarSpacing
bool inertia
const int layoutPriority
const float minHeight
const float minWidth
Vector2 normalizedPosition
const float preferredHeight
const float preferredWidth
float scrollSensitivity
const Transform transform
Vector2 velocity
bool vertical
float verticalNormalizedPosition
float verticalScrollbarSpacing
RectTransform viewport
void CalculateLayoutInputHorizontal()
void CalculateLayoutInputVertical()
void GraphicUpdateComplete()
bool IsActive()
bool IsDestroyed()
void LayoutComplete()
void SetLayoutHorizontal()
void SetLayoutVertical()
void StopMovement()
string ToString()