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GameObject(name, components)


class GameObject
GameObject GameObject(string name)
GameObject GameObject()
GameObject GameObject(string name, array<object> components)
const bool activeInHierarchy
const bool activeSelf
const GameObject gameObject
int layer
string name
string tag
const Transform transform
bool CompareTag(string tag)
DynValue GetComponent(Table prototype)
object GetComponent(object type)
DynValue GetComponentInChildren(Table prototype)
object GetComponentInChildren(object type)
DynValue GetComponentInParent(Table prototype)
object GetComponentInParent(object type)
array<DynValue> GetComponents(Table prototype)
array<object> GetComponents(object type)
array<DynValue> GetComponentsInChildren(Table prototype)
array<object> GetComponentsInChildren(object type)
array<DynValue> GetComponentsInParent(Table prototype)
array<object> GetComponentsInParent(object type)
void SetActive(bool value)
string ToString()
static GameObject CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType type)
static void Destroy(DynValue value)

Destroys the specified Unity Object

static void Destroy(DynValue value, float time)

Destroys the Unity Object after a the specified time delay

static GameObject Find(string name)
static array<GameObject> FindGameObjectsWithTag(string tag)
static GameObject FindGameObjectWithTag(string tag)
static DynValue FindObjectOfType(Table prototype)
static object FindObjectOfType(object userData)
static array<DynValue> FindObjectsOfType(Table prototype)
static array<object> FindObjectsOfType(object userData)
static Type GetTypeFromUserData(object userData)
static GameObject Instantiate(GameObject prefab)
static GameObject Instantiate(GameObject prefab, Transform parent)
static GameObject Instantiate(GameObject prefab, Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation)
static GameObject Instantiate(GameObject prefab, Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation, Transform parent)