Built-in functions

table class()

Creates a Lua class.

table class(table base)

Creates a Lua class that inherits from base:

foo = class()
bar = class(foo)
void behaviour(string name)

Creates a Ravenscript behaviour class with the given name. See Behaviours for details.

behaviour("Rachael") -- conceptually equal to `Rachael = class()`

function Rachael:Start()
    print("Hello World")
void table.add_range(table A, table B)

Sequentially adds all elements from B to the end of A.

table.add_range = function(A, B)
        for i,v in ipairs(B) do
                table.insert(A, v)
void table.merge(table A, table B)

Adds all elements from B into A while replacing existing elements with the same key.

table.merge = function(A, B)
        for i,v in next, B do
                A[i] = v