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class LineRenderer
LineRenderer LineRenderer()
bool allowOcclusionWhenDynamic
const Bounds bounds
Gradient colorGradient
bool enabled
Color endColor
float endWidth
bool forceRenderingOff
const GameObject gameObject
bool generateLightingData
const bool isPartOfStaticBatch
const bool isVisible
int lightmapIndex
Vector4 lightmapScaleOffset
GameObject lightProbeProxyVolumeOverride
const Matrix4x4 localToWorldMatrix
bool loop
Material material
array<Material> materials
string name
int numCapVertices
int numCornerVertices
int positionCount
Transform probeAnchor
int realtimeLightmapIndex
Vector4 realtimeLightmapScaleOffset
bool receiveShadows
int rendererPriority
UInt32 renderingLayerMask
float shadowBias
ShadowCastingMode shadowCastingMode
Material sharedMaterial
array<Material> sharedMaterials
int sortingLayerID
string sortingLayerName
int sortingOrder
Color startColor
float startWidth
string tag
const Transform transform
bool useWorldSpace
AnimationCurve widthCurve
float widthMultiplier
const Matrix4x4 worldToLocalMatrix
void BakeMesh(Mesh mesh, bool useTransform)
void BakeMesh(Mesh mesh, Camera camera, bool useTransform)
bool CompareTag(string tag)
int GetHashCode()
void GetMaterials(array<Material> m)
Vector3 GetPosition(int index)
void GetSharedMaterials(array<Material> m)
bool HasPropertyBlock()
void SetPosition(int index, Vector3 position)
void SetPositions(array<Vector3> positions)
void SetPositions(array<Vector3> positions)
void SetPositions(array<Vector3> positions)
void Simplify(float tolerance)
string ToString()