The DataStructure component can be placed on any GameObject using the Ravenfield Mod Tools. The component has several field arrays with different variable types where values can be assigned together with their id. The values can be read by id via the Ravenscript API, which is useful for configuration or mod<->mod functionality. For example, the float value with id myId can be accessed by GetFloat("myId"). It is also possible to read arrays of values using GetFloatArray("myId") which will return an array of the values with ids: myId1, myId2, myId3, myId4 .... The Array will automatically end when no more valid ids are found.







class DataContainer
const GameObject gameObject
const Transform transform
ActorSkin GetActorSkin(string id)
array<ActorSkin> GetActorSkinArray(string id)
AnimationCurve GetAnimationCurve(string id)
array<AnimationCurve> GetAnimationCurveArray(string id)
AudioClip GetAudioClip(string id)
array<AudioClip> GetAudioClipArray(string id)
bool GetBool(string id)
array<bool> GetBoolArray(string id)
Color GetColor(string id)
array<Color> GetColorArray(string id)
float GetFloat(string id)
array<float> GetFloatArray(string id)
Font GetFont(string id)
array<Font> GetFontArray(string id)
GameObject GetGameObject(string id)
array<GameObject> GetGameObjectArray(string id)
Gradient GetGradient(string id)
array<Gradient> GetGradientArray(string id)
int GetInt(string id)
array<int> GetIntArray(string id)
Material GetMaterial(string id)
array<Material> GetMaterialArray(string id)
array<GameObject> GetPrefabs()
Quaternion GetRotation(string id)
array<Quaternion> GetRotationArray(string id)
Sprite GetSprite(string id)
array<Sprite> GetSpriteArray(string id)
string GetString(string id)
array<string> GetStringArray(string id)
Texture GetTexture(string id)
array<Texture> GetTextureArray(string id)
WeaponEntry GetWeaponEntry(string id)
array<WeaponEntry> GetWeaponEntryArray(string id)
Vector3 GetVector(string id)
array<Vector3> GetVectorArray(string id)
VideoClip GetVideoClip(string id)
array<VideoClip> GetVideoClipArray(string id)
bool HasActorSkin(string id)
bool HasAnimationCurve(string id)
bool HasAudioClip(string id)
bool HasBool(string id)
bool HasColor(string id)
bool HasFloat(string id)
bool HasFont(string id)
bool HasGradient(string id)
bool HasInt(string id)
bool HasMaterial(string id)
bool HasObject(string id)
bool HasRotation(string id)
bool HasSprite(string id)
bool HasString(string id)
bool HasTexture(string id)
bool HasWeaponEntry(string id)
bool HasVector(string id)
bool HasVideoClip(string id)
string ToString()