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class ParticleSystem
ParticleSystem ParticleSystem()
const GameObject gameObject
const bool isEmitting
const bool isPaused
const bool isPlaying
const bool isStopped
string name
const int particleCount
const bool proceduralSimulationSupported
UInt32 randomSeed
string tag
float time
const Transform transform
bool useAutoRandomSeed
void AllocateAxisOfRotationAttribute()
void AllocateMeshIndexAttribute()
void Clear()
void Clear(bool withChildren)
bool CompareTag(string tag)
void Emit(int count)
int GetHashCode()
bool IsAlive()
bool IsAlive(bool withChildren)
void Pause()
void Pause(bool withChildren)
void Play()
void Play(bool withChildren)
void Simulate(float t)
void Simulate(float t, bool withChildren)
void Simulate(float t, bool withChildren, bool restart)
void Simulate(float t, bool withChildren, bool restart, bool fixedTimeStep)
void Stop()
void Stop(bool withChildren)
string ToString()
void TriggerSubEmitter(int subEmitterIndex)
static void ResetPreMappedBufferMemory()
static void SetMaximumPreMappedBufferCounts(int vertexBuffersCount, int indexBuffersCount)