More information can be found in the Unity API Reference and maybe in the Unity Manual.


class Sprite
const Texture associatedAlphaSplitTexture
const Vector4 border
const Bounds bounds
string name
const bool packed
const Vector2 pivot
const float pixelsPerUnit
const Rect rect
const float spriteAtlasTextureScale
const Texture texture
const Rect textureRect
const Vector2 textureRectOffset
const array<UInt16> triangles
const array<Vector2> uv
const array<Vector2> vertices
int GetHashCode()
int GetPhysicsShape(int shapeIdx, array<Vector2> physicsShape)
int GetPhysicsShapeCount()
int GetPhysicsShapePointCount(int shapeIdx)
void OverrideGeometry(array<Vector2> vertices, array<UInt16> triangles)
void OverridePhysicsShape(array<array<Vector2>> physicsShapes)
string ToString()