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Static members





class RawImage
const Canvas canvas
Color color
const Material defaultMaterial
const int depth
const GameObject gameObject
bool isMaskingGraphic
const Texture mainTexture
bool maskable
Material material
const Material materialForRendering
Vector4 raycastPadding
bool raycastTarget
const RectTransform rectTransform
Texture texture
const Transform transform
Rect uvRect
void CrossFadeAlpha(float alpha, float duration, bool ignoreTimeScale)
void CrossFadeColor(Color targetColor, float duration, bool ignoreTimeScale, bool useAlpha)
void CrossFadeColor(Color targetColor, float duration, bool ignoreTimeScale, bool useAlpha, bool useRGB)
void Cull(Rect clipRect, bool validRect)
Material GetModifiedMaterial(Material baseMaterial)
Rect GetPixelAdjustedRect()
void GraphicUpdateComplete()
bool IsActive()
bool IsDestroyed()
void LayoutComplete()
void OnCullingChanged()
Vector2 PixelAdjustPoint(Vector2 point)
bool Raycast(Vector2 sp, Camera eventCamera)
void RecalculateClipping()
void RecalculateMasking()
void SetAllDirty()
void SetClipRect(Rect clipRect, bool validRect)
void SetClipSoftness(Vector2 clipSoftness)
void SetLayoutDirty()
void SetMaterialDirty()
void SetNativeSize()
void SetRaycastDirty()
void SetVerticesDirty()
string ToString()
static const Material defaultGraphicMaterial